Heists are an integral part of GTA Online and one of the most sought-after ways to make money quickly. The Diamond Casino heist is considered one of the most intricate in-game, boasting multiple approaches you can take when committing this feat. Learn more.

Your approach to the diamond casino heist should depend on your style of play and what you hope to gain from it. You have two choices: an aggressive one or a more cunning one. Additionally, you must decide whether or not you want to attempt the heist in hard mode.

No matter which approach you select, the initial step should be completing set up missions. These involve inspecting the casino, tracking down access points to the vault and hacking a minigame in order to unlock security gates.

Once you’ve finished all these missions, head over to the Arcade property and launch a heist mission. When done, the Arcade will be ready for your diamond casino heist!

Starting the Heist

In order to begin your heist, you’ll need a minimum of two players. One person should drive the vehicle and another shoot guards with a gun – this could be anyone from a friend to someone hired on gaming forums (such as Reddit or Steam).

Before beginning the heist, you’ll have to pay Lester a cut and divide the remainder with other members of your crew. The total amount earned from this endeavor depends on how many items are taken and their value.

When planning a heist, only take items worth more than the average value of all other items you could obtain. Doing this will allow you to make more money and boost your odds for getting a higher payout on your initial run.

The initial step in planning your diamond casino heist is to thoroughly research both the casino and vault. Gather as much information about them as possible, such as access points, hidden clues, and potential targets.

Next, you’ll need to practice the diamond casino heist fingerprint hack. To do so, locate four pictures that match the fingerprint displayed on your screen. As a helpful hint, there is a small cheat sheet image at the top of this page that should provide some assistance.

With a fingerprint hack, you can quickly unlock the security doors inside Diamond Casino. Just be sure to work quickly and precisely while being mindful of other guards in the building!

Once inside the casino, you’ll need to disable the metal detector. This isn’t always easy but with a stun gun you can do it with minimal risk of losing your wanted level. Alternatively, if you prefer not to take any chances with losing, simply kill them and bypass detection altogether.

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